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Dan Senn

Asymmetry: I was intrigued the last time I saw you, at a Cascadia concert, that you described yourself as a Fluxus composer. That was interesting to me because I feel like those are my real musical heroes. Senn: Well you know, I had never really given it much thought, and it wasn’t until I started […]

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Felipe Otondo’s Tutuguri

Tutuguri is a really splendid CD. In the first place, the sounds are gorgeous. All of them. In every track. Ear-grabbingly gorgeous. And in the second place, the pieces are well made–so cunningly constructed as to sound fresh and new even after they have become well-known and familiar. The first track, Irama, starts the album […]

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Emmanuelle Gibello @ Instants Chavirés

As you may have already noticed, Asymmetry has recently reviewed Gibello’s first CD, Labyrinthe/c104 goto N901, and had a little conversation about her on this podcast. We were already planning to attend the INA-GRM Présences electronique festival, so when we found out that she would be presenting the MOLF at Instants Chavirés only days before […]

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Adam Stansbie–Isthmus

The five pieces on Adam Stansbie’s Isthmus are presented in chronological order, tempting one to draw conclusions about the evolution of style. But when I succumbed to that temptation (in my mind) all I found was that these five pieces are different. And really, isn’t that all that’s necessary? That a composer gives you something […]

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Emmanuelle Gibello–Labyrinthe/c104 goto N901

Your first step into the labyrinth is with the hollow creaking and clanking of Bamboo Cry. The background, which started out as silence, gradually fills with other sounds until the whole thing becomes very rich and dense. Not too gradually, though. Bamboo Cry is only 2′ 39″. But it’s as sweet a two and a […]

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New Ferreyra CD

Beatriz Ferreyra’s latest CD, which contains four pieces dated from 2005 to 2011 (odd years only), is a welcome addition to the composer’s recorded ouevre, a welcome addition to the world of electroacoustic music–to the world of music, generally–and quite possibly a welcome addition to your own collection. It is available, in line with current […]

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M. Cristina Kasem

Asymmetry: So I hear that you won first prize in the Bourges’ competition. Which category? Kasem: Musique electroacoustic with formal esthetics. Asymmetry: Without instruments. Kasem: Yes. Well, there are instruments in the mix, but not in real time. Asymmetry: When did you start composing? Kasem: At twenty-four or twenty-five years old. I started earlier than […]

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Robert Scott Thompson writes a lot of ambient music. He also writes a lot of electroacoustic music, like you would have heard in Bourges back in the day, and indeed some of it was done in the studios in Bourges. Acousma is a blend of both, not as in alternating from piece to piece but […]

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Ludger Brümmer

[The first part of this interview was made in 2006 in Montréal at a festival for the 80th anniversary of Francis Dhomont.] Asymmetry: I first heard your music on the Ex machina CD with La cloches sans vallées. The music is so immediately compelling, and at the same time you can listen to it over […]

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A Ludger Brümmer Miscellany

TroTropforT – 1987 TroTropforT builds slowly and then breaks off suddenly. It starts up again with similar material, then breaks off again except for some quiet stuff to which are eventually added some clangs; but it goes on mostly quite quietly, with hollow little sounds and little short-wavy sounds and some very soft, low frequency […]

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