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Ricardo Mandolini

Asymmetry: I noticed in the concert last night that the piece that preceded yours was a kind of compendium, a collection of all the electroacoustic tropes of the last 60 years. It was like a little history of electroacoustic music. And then yours came along, and it was as if…. Ricardo Mandolini: We’ve all ready […]

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Mandolini miscellany

Cancion de madera y agua A rattle of rachets to start, morphing in and out of various other sounds, without ever losing the rachety quality, until some low frequency thumps anchor things. After a short pause, the same mechanical logic begins to apply to tinkling bell sounds. The intensity builds and just as quickly fades […]

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2010 Truax Retrospectives

Barry Truax’s involvement with electroacoustics goes back to 1949, although perhaps the early seventies is a more realistic date for the beginning of his involvement as a composer. Time enough, in any case, for there to be retrospective concert of his music, starting with the 1979 The Blind Man and including a world premiere of […]

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connections, opportunities for mistakes

Francisco Meirino’s 2009 release is all about the sounds music machines make when they’re failing–minidisc players, P.A. systems, cassette recorders, and so forth. And very interesting and musical sounds they do make, to be sure. But it’s not just a lot of nice sounds that makes this album so rewarding to listen to. It’s the […]

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Oh ! espace … espace …

Un grand nombre des livres et d’articles ont été édités depuis des décennies sur le thème de l’espace sonore, sa perception, sa configuration fixe et mobile dans la composition de la musique acousmatique et sa projection dans l’espace d’un environnement particulier.

Dans cet article, je voudrais seulement témoigner de mon expérience en tant que compositrice de musique acousmatique, fascinée par les différentes techniques de spatialisation stéréophonique et multiphonique.

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Oh! Space… space…

A large number of books and articles have been edited over the decades on the theme of sound space, its perception, its fixed and mobile configuration in the composition of acousmatic music, and its perception in the space of a particular environment.

In this article, I would just like to testify to my experience as a composer of acousmatic music who is fascinated by the different techniques of stereophonic and multiphonic spatialization.

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Intuition and Order in Xenakis’s Orient-Occident

In the late 1950’s and early 60’s, Xenakis worked with GRM (Groupe de recherches musicales) in Paris to produce several pieces for electromagnetic tape, including Orient-Occident, a piece often overshadowed by works like Concrete PH and Bohor, which are rightly considered more groundbreaking pieces in Xenakis’s early oeuvre, particularly Bohor, with its unique source material, […]

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Addendum to Urs Leimgruber in Portland

One of the participants in this event has just sent me a link to a soundfile of the entire group improvisation directed by Urs Leimgruber. Enjoy!

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A music; that it might be…: remembering Barney Childs

Barney Childs died of Parkinson’s disease ten years ago in Redlands, California. Although an important figure in contemporary music, Barney was in no way a self-promoter. I don’t remember hearing any of his music at concerts of the Redlands New Music Society, which he ran. At a weekend series of concerts later that same January […]

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Wounded Breath

Erdem Helvacioǧlu’s most recent album, Wounded Breath, is quite different from his earlier Altered Realities, reviewed here. Wounded Breath is entirely electroacoustic, and quite strong, various, and enjoyable electroacoustic at that. The title piece is perhaps the most “traditional” one, though with Helvacioǧlu a genuinely inventive and quirky imagination always overrides any critical fluffery about […]

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