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Updated Leimgruber report

The report on Urs Leimgruber’s visit to Portland has been updated with some videos and with the names of all the musicians who took part in the group imrovisation. Take a look at the other Leimgruber videos on YouTube, too, as they’re better quality than the ones I did with my little Canon PowerShot.

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ASLSP2 in Halberstadt

Asymmetry recently visited Halberstadt, where a 639 year performance of Cage’s Organ2/ASLSP is playing. The clip, taken inside St. Burchardi’s, features the chord being played on the fifth of May, 2009. (This chord has been playing since 5 February 2009 and will change on 5 July, 2010.) There’s a CD for sale there of a […]

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Spirit Journies

The five pieces on Barry Truax’s most recent CD are all from this century, 2001 through 2006. Given the similarity of dates and the thematic unity suggested by the album title, one might unwarily conclude that these five are similarly similar. They’re not. If I wanted to give someone a fair idea of Truax’s range, […]

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Truax Miscellany

Pacific Fanfare(1996) Like all such, Pacific Fanfare is a short piece; unlike other fanfares, this one has no stirring licks by the trumpet section. Instead, there are some very nice foghorns, as befits the Pacific part of the title. Sadly, short here means three minutes, which is not just way too short generally, but way […]

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Barry Truax

Truax: So here we are in the gardens of the Archevêché in Bourges, with its formal gardens and its walkways and roses. Asymmetry: Maybe we should just talk about this, then, and forget about music for awhile…. Or perhaps this is just the place to talk about soundscape and how you got started in soundscape […]

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Clozier Miscellany

Clozier’s La Discordatura, his contribution to the IMEB Opus 30 series, is made up largely of voices, but voices so altered that the sounds one hears in this piece are never more than vaguely recognizable as having started out in human throats. An almost chorale with the almost voices opens the piece, warm sounds mostly, […]

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Clozier – second CD

Clozier’s second CD, vol. 7 in the Chrysopée Électronique series, also contains two pieces, Par Pangloss Gymnopède and Le Temps scintille et le Songe est savoir. The first, in four movements, starts out with high synthesized voice sounds. Some drones are added. There’s a suggestion of rhythm as various drones come and go, until there […]

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Clozier – first CD

Christian Clozier’s first CD, volume 2 in the Chrysopée Électronique series, contains two pieces, Quasars, which had first been released as an LP, and Markarian 205. Quasars consists of six sections, the first of which opens with what could easily be termed a heroic fanfare. That fortunately settles down to whirring and chattering, with an […]

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Barrière Miscellany

Aside from the two solo discs, there are numerous other pieces by Françoise Barrière scattered about other CDs. Here are some observations about and clips of some of these. Quand Philippe de Macédoine – The two disc Les Sixte Livre dit Électroacoustique de François Rabelais set is my least favorite of the Bourges collections, and […]

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Surprised by Beauty: Minimalism in Choral Music

Surprised by Beauty: Minimalism in Choral Music is the second studio recording by the remarkable choral ensemble, Boston Secession. They have been under the direction of Jane Ring Frank since 1996 offering uniquely themed programs filled with diverse repertoire from the 12th century to the present. Personally, as a fan of recent music, when I […]

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