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March’s Modern Music Month

Monday evening, the fifth of March, was the start of Portland’s month-long celebration of modern music. Celebration and cerebration, as this evening’s events included a panel discussion with a few of Portland’s prominent musical thinkers. But first, Robert McBride introduced a “performance” of John Cage’s 4’33” (by all of us). This piece really could have […]

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Feldman’s 2nd in Portland

On Friday the 24th, around two hundred people took advantage of a rare opportunity to hear at least some of the four hour performance of Feldman’s 2nd string quartet that Third Angle put on in the Ellyn Bye Studio of The Armory in Portland, OR. The Studio seats about 200, but at no time were […]

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Festival Densités 2009 and 2010

Asymmetry visited the ’09 and ’10 Festivals Densités in Fresnes-en-Woëvre, once as Michael E. Karman and once as Michael S. Karman. This fortunately confused no one. Densités is a very bright, very tight little festival. High-powered music making with some of the most talented musicians alive today, all taking place in a remote village between […]

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Futura ’09

Futura ’09 was the second Futura festival Asymmetry has been able to attend. It is a short festival, only a weekend, but it is jam-packed with electroacoustic goodness. The initial draw for me in ’09 was the chance to hear another Bokanowski piece live (Trois chambres d’inquietude) as well as Ferrari’s Danses organiques. I have […]

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Ostrava Days 2009

It is truly amazing after all these years, over a hundred of them, how fresh and new Ives’ The Unanswered Question still sounds. At the 2009 Ostrava Days festival, this piece was performed as perfectly as one could ask for, leaving only the one question, perhaps unanswerable, of why a piece over a hundred years […]

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2010 Truax Retrospectives

Barry Truax’s involvement with electroacoustics goes back to 1949, although perhaps the early seventies is a more realistic date for the beginning of his involvement as a composer. Time enough, in any case, for there to be retrospective concert of his music, starting with the 1979 The Blind Man and including a world premiere of […]

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Muzikos Festivalis „Gaida” 2010

Šiu metu spalio 22-20 dienomis Vilniuje vyko 20-asis aktualiosios muzikos festivalis „Gaida”. Tai vienas didžiausiu šiuolaikines muzikos festivaliu Lietuvoje kasmet susilaukiantis ivairiu diskusiju ir dažniausiai nepaliekantis abejingu šiuolaikines muzikos megeju ir profesionalu tarpe. Jau antra dešimtmeti šis festivalis pateikia lietuviu ir pasaulio menininku šiuolaikines muzikos opusus, kuriu pasirinkimas iš dalies atskleidžia kulturos kaita, vienija tam tikra menininku rata ir liudija šiuolaikines muzikos sklaidos raida Lietuvoje. Po dvidešimties metu festivalio gyvavimo isitikiname, jog galvos kraipomos visaip ir i ivairias puses. Kaip ir kiekvienas reiškinys, šis renginys susilaukia daug diskusiju, vieni nusivilia, kiti vis dar atranda, taciau ir nusivyle ir atrade sudaro ta pacia bendruomene, kurie ši festivali laiko vienu svarbiausiu Lietuvos meniniame gyvenime.

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GAIDA festival – 2010

The Gaida festival, one of the biggest contemporary music festivals in Lithuania, took place in Vilnius from the 22nd to the 29th of October this year. An intense week of rarely performed contemporary music, Gaida featured compositions both very clearly Lithuanian and those very clearly not, both showing the change of culture over time: the festival links together different artistic circles and is clear evidence of contemporary music dispersal in Lithuania. The attempt to find coherence among these 43 pieces (21 of which were Lithuanian, 22 of which were from around the world) distinguished the individuality of Lithuanian music in the context of the festival. Indeed, the atmosphere of the festival was distinctly “Lithuanian”

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2009 ISCM World New Music Days

In 2008, the ISCM World Music Days were held in Vilnius along with that city’s Gaida Festival. In 2009, each festival was back to being its own separate thing, the ISCM in three towns in Sweden, Visby, Växjö, and Göteborg. It was interesting but probably not instructive to see that neither festival was quite as […]

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2008: Gaida and ISCM in Vilnius

The 2008 ISCM World Music Days were held in Vilnius, Lithuania in conjunction with the Gaida Festival, an annual event in that city. I was impressed with the high level of performance of new music by all the ensembles and by the size of all the crowds for all the concerts, so impressed that I […]

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  • Upcoming Events

    Festival Mixtur 2017

    30 March through 9 April

    Music by

    Fausto Romitelli
    Jean-Claude Risset
    John Cage

    and many more, including people who are still alive, of course.

    Présences électronique

    14, 15, 16 April

    Most of the names I did not recognize, which makes me even more sad that I cannot attend this year. But you can. And probably should. If you love your ears, attend this festival.

    SIME 2017

    24 – 28 April

    Probably, though I'm not sure how it is possible, this will be the best SIME yet. Attend. Let me know.


    3-6 May

    Opening Performance Orchestra
    Terrible Orchestra
    Echofluxx Ensemble

    And film and more music and more performers. More of everything.

    Monaco Electroacoustique
    4, 5, 6 May

    Francis Dhomont
    Horacio Vaggione
    Annette Vande Gorne
    Hans Tutschku
    Robert Normandeau

    And many more. Two festivals that overlap is just cruel. But go to one or the other of these. Monaco or Prague, you choose.

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