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SEAMUS 2009 took place over three days in Sweetwater’s new LEED certified headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Not only is it a pretty, comfortable building, not only is their warehouse just on the other side of a huge doorway in the main hall (allowing me get some new toys without having to mail-order them), not […]

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The Portland New Music Society’s March concert took place at the Taborspace coffeeshop on the corner of SE 55th and SE Belmont. Featured were Matt Hannafin, Kelvin Pittman, and Doug Theriault in three solo sets and a trio. Matt opened with a monumental forty minute piece for amplified and electronically altered percussion.

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Cascadia new music festival

Cascadia Composers recently hosted the National Association of Composers conference in Portland, OR, a three day festival of music and seminars that Asymmetry managed to miss entirely. But James Bash (Northwest Reverb) attended the second evening’s concert. Here’s his review of that for the Oregon Music News.

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A brace of November concerts in Portland

There were plenty of concerts in Portland in October, too, and in September and August, but Asymmetry was in Europe then, haring after festivals (nine of them) and hobnobbing with some of the greats and near greats of new music, reports on those forthcoming. And as soon as I got back to Portland, there were […]

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Musica Electronica Nova – 2007 and 2009

The young Polish festival, which started in 2005, takes place every spring in odd numbered years, the even numbered ones given over to a different new music festival with more instrumental music. Asymmetry Music Magazine, itself even younger than that, wasn’t even around for the first of these festivals, but managed to make it to […]

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Urs Leimgruber in Portland

Anyone who has listened to a lot of new music has heard a lot of saxophone playing. A lot of players have been interested in exploring new territory and a lot of composers have been attracted by the variety of wild noises one can get from that instrument. So when I heard of the latest […]

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The SEAMUS 2008 review has just been updated with clips, including one of Jason Bolte’s Change in the Summation, mention of which was unaccountably left out of the original review.  Take a look here.

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ASLSP2 in Halberstadt

Asymmetry recently visited Halberstadt, where a 639 year performance of Cage’s Organ2/ASLSP is playing. The clip, taken inside St. Burchardi’s, features the chord being played on the fifth of May, 2009. (This chord has been playing since 5 February 2009 and will change on 5 July, 2010.) There’s a CD for sale there of a […]

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SEAMUS 2008 in Salt Lake City

SEAMUS 2008 took place in the dramatic setting of the University of Utah, surrounded by the Wasatch, Oquirrhs, and Traverse mountain ranges. Spectacular scenery outside, spectacular music inside. Thirteen concerts in three days may seem a trifle too spectacular, but there were plenty of gaps in between, filled with eating and drinking, talking and laughing; […]

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Surrounding Sound at SFU

On April 4, 2009, SFU Contemporary Arts put on a show of electroacoustic music that included a new piece by Barry Truax, Chalice Well, three pieces for flute and “tape” played by visiting flautist Mark McGregor, a live laptop piece, and several other treats by SFU faculty and students. Prominent in many pieces were water […]

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    Festival Mixtur 2017

    30 March through 9 April

    Music by

    Fausto Romitelli
    Jean-Claude Risset
    John Cage

    and many more, including people who are still alive, of course.

    Présences électronique

    14, 15, 16 April

    Most of the names I did not recognize, which makes me even more sad that I cannot attend this year. But you can. And probably should. If you love your ears, attend this festival.

    SIME 2017

    24 – 28 April

    Probably, though I'm not sure how it is possible, this will be the best SIME yet. Attend. Let me know.


    3-6 May

    Opening Performance Orchestra
    Terrible Orchestra
    Echofluxx Ensemble

    And film and more music and more performers. More of everything.

    Monaco Electroacoustique
    4, 5, 6 May

    Francis Dhomont
    Horacio Vaggione
    Annette Vande Gorne
    Hans Tutschku
    Robert Normandeau

    And many more. Two festivals that overlap is just cruel. But go to one or the other of these. Monaco or Prague, you choose.

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