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Dan Senn

Asymmetry: I was intrigued the last time I saw you, at a Cascadia concert, that you described yourself as a Fluxus composer. That was interesting to me because I feel like those are my real musical heroes. Senn: Well you know, I had never really given it much thought, and it wasn’t until I started […]

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Talking about SIME

In conversation with Maria Cristina Kasem and Ricardo Mandolini, artistic directors of the international electroacoustic festival SIME. Asymmetry: The SIME festival (Semaine Internationale de la Musique Electroacoustique) has established itself as a very important festival in only a few short years. Can you say something about how it got started? Ricardo Mandolini: The first SIME […]

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A Moveable Feast: The Odyssey of Anthem Records

Over the past eight years, one of Portland’s coolest music stores has wandered around the town, from just off of Belmont on the east side to Couch Street downtown then back to the east side on 28th and Flanders to its most recent location on Sandy and 28th (2706). For this last move, I had […]

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M. Cristina Kasem

Asymmetry: So I hear that you won first prize in the Bourges’ competition. Which category? Kasem: Musique electroacoustic with formal esthetics. Asymmetry: Without instruments. Kasem: Yes. Well, there are instruments in the mix, but not in real time. Asymmetry: When did you start composing? Kasem: At twenty-four or twenty-five years old. I started earlier than […]

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Ludger Brümmer

[The first part of this interview was made in 2006 in Montréal at a festival for the 80th anniversary of Francis Dhomont.] Asymmetry: I first heard your music on the Ex machina CD with La cloches sans vallées. The music is so immediately compelling, and at the same time you can listen to it over […]

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Ricardo Mandolini

Asymmetry: I noticed in the concert last night that the piece that preceded yours was a kind of compendium, a collection of all the electroacoustic tropes of the last 60 years. It was like a little history of electroacoustic music. And then yours came along, and it was as if…. Ricardo Mandolini: We’ve all ready […]

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Madeleine Shapiro

Asymmetry: You’ve been involved with new music since your college days. How did all that get started? Shapiro: I was introduced to new music as an undergraduate at the State University of New York at Stony Brook by Paul Zukovsky, who was my mentor. I don’t know why he thought I would be interested, but […]

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Barry Truax

Truax: So here we are in the gardens of the Archevêché in Bourges, with its formal gardens and its walkways and roses. Asymmetry: Maybe we should just talk about this, then, and forget about music for awhile…. Or perhaps this is just the place to talk about soundscape and how you got started in soundscape […]

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Christian Clozier

Immediately after my interview with Françoise Barrière at the 2006 Synthèse Festival, Christian Clozier, the cofounder of IMEB, took over an hour out of his schedule to show me around the studios, including his workroom where he designed and built the Cybersongosse, a teaching synthesizer for kids, and the Cybernéphone, a machine for diffusion familiar […]

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Françoise Barrière

When I visited Bourges in 2006 for the annual international festival of electroacoustic music, both Françoise Barrière and Christian Clozier, the festival’s founders, took time out of their busy schedules not only to give interviews to Asymmetry Music Magazine but to show me around the studios of IMEB. I’d like to thank both of them […]

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