Air Lift, Lilt with traffic

Air Lift, Lilt through window (through?)Portland, Oregon residents who have not been to Czech Republic recently to see and hear installation artist Dan Senn’s Huffa Puffa can see a version of this at the Autzen Gallery of Portland State University through February 7. Entitled Air Lift, Lilt with traffic, the Portland installation uses the same ideas of audio and subaudio frequencies as Huffa Puffa, the subaudio to pump up the air bags, the audio to deflate them (and to give us something to listen to).

Air Lift, Lilt with trafficAnd the something to listen to is quite seductive. The note on Senn’s site, which you’ve doubtless just read, which says that the piece “is best appreciated over an extended period of time. Hours. Days” is literally true, but doesn’t suggest why this should be so: it is because if you let it, the piece will mesmerize you, will be something that you will not want, will hardly feel able, to walk away from.

You can, as some people at the opening did, walk in, walk around, and walk out again. But if you stay, you may find that you want to stay longer and longer. Perhaps days may be hyperbole. Hours is definitely not!

Here’s some footage from the installation:


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