Electronic Music Foundation. CDs, calendar, books, concerts, festivals, software… EMF does everything. Very nice website, too. A U.S. site, but with news and events from all over the world. Great place for keeping up with what’s going on.
The Project Muse blurb for Leonardo Music Journal. Get a free issue here.
IMEB is the acronym for Institut International de Musique Elecroacoustique de Bourge. IMEB is not only host of the annual Bourges festival but a studio where composers from all over the world can work and study. IMEB also puts out cds of festival winners and other composers, including that of the founders, Christian Clozier and Françoise Barriere
The online concert project of *Réseaux*. Nine concerts so far, each one with several complete, downloadable, delicious pieces of music.

* Réseaux*’s site is
Full of all kinds of new music tidbits. I have spent very little time on this site, as I’m afraid of being sucked in, never to emerge. You, however, are fearless, and will find this a nice place to park for a year or two.
One of the big online new music stores. Forced Exposure has a huge catalog and detailed blurbs on every item. Worth a visit just for reading about interesting new stuff. (Of course, you will buy things, too.)
A smallish catalog of new music. Small but choice.
Empreintes DIGITALes has put out over eighty cds and audio dvds of electroacoustic music and also offers the No Type discs on their site. If you’ve been asleep in the Catskills for the last twenty years, you may have missed out on Canadian new music. Here’s one place to start catching up. (See also
for the Toronto scene and for a British Columbia ensemble. Or go to for even more Canadian new music. Even I feel like I’ve been asleep when I look at the links sections of these sites.)
Huge Canadian site, based in Montreal. The main distributor for the Empreintes DIGITALes label. Many other labels on this site.
Huge Canadian site, also based in Montreal, also sells Empreintes DIGITALes and more. and share the same webmaster, so they have the same look and feel. They are two different sites, and you need to check both of them out.
Here’s the description from their “About” page: “a world-wide network of organisations that document and promote the music of our time.” The “Projects” page is probably the most interesting for Asymmetry readers. It’s announcements of concerts and such.
Earthshaking label from Southern California, now no longer releasing new titles. Still, the catalogue of already released stuff is very nice. The Ground Fault site offers other labels, too, all very noisy and good.
Minimal music.
Doesn’t really belong on a link list, but this page of Wikipedia is an interesting place, and one you might even want to contribute to.
For Canadians and Europeans, only. And for the rest of us when we travel to Canada or Europe. Worth a glance, from wherever you are.
Like ForcedExposure, a great place to read about new music, even if you don’t buy anything. And if you don’t, you have more discipline than I.
Pocket reviews, articles, and clips. Fun place to play.
SEAMUS is the acronym for Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States. Here’s where you can find out about conferences past and future as well as read about a lot of fine U.S. composers.
Huge new music cd site. Like Fusetron and Forced Exposure, it has lots of words, though you might not suspect that at first glance. The word are a couple of clicks in.
New music review site that ran from 2000 to 2004. Now just the archives of those four years, it’s full of good stuff by people who really love music.
This is The Living Composers Project. Links to websites, either of composers or distributors. Very useful site, I’ve found, and what a labor of love!
This is a mixed site. The “events diary” button, for instance, is for listeners, while the “composer shortlist” button is for the people who make stuff for us listeners. There’s also a “forum” button, which is for everyone; everyone who registers, that is.
The French site, not only for cds on the Metamkine label, but for everyone else as well. Just one more lovely pit for all your nice money. (You get music in return, so everyone wins.)
Great site for fringe musicians. Most of these people I’ve never heard of. Almost always a good sign, at least if the ones you have heard of are interesting. And they are.
German label. I have a couple of their cds. I will be getting more.
Nice download site. Wickedly tempting prices. I have to stay off this site, at least until Asymmetry starts making some money… But you. You can go here now and hear now.
Label and distributor. Many items have long descriptions, so it’s another nice place to get some learning done. Plus, if you decide to buy something, you’ll have more music.
More new music discs and descriptions of same. Unique selection. Full of clips.
Are there too many sites for buying new music? No.
Cds, concerts (installations), and a radio show. This is brand new, so it’s still small. Bookmark it and watch it grow would be my advice.
The online presence of the quarterly magazine. Great place to read about the great place where rock, jazz, and classical meet.
A list of links. I’ve used this a lot and not just for music. It’s got art and film and literature and much more.