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Oh ! espace … espace …

Un grand nombre des livres et d’articles ont été édités depuis des décennies sur le thème de l’espace sonore, sa perception, sa configuration fixe et mobile dans la composition de la musique acousmatique et sa projection dans l’espace d’un environnement particulier.

Dans cet article, je voudrais seulement témoigner de mon expérience en tant que compositrice de musique acousmatique, fascinée par les différentes techniques de spatialisation stéréophonique et multiphonique.

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Oh! Space… space…

A large number of books and articles have been edited over the decades on the theme of sound space, its perception, its fixed and mobile configuration in the composition of acousmatic music, and its perception in the space of a particular environment.

In this article, I would just like to testify to my experience as a composer of acousmatic music who is fascinated by the different techniques of stereophonic and multiphonic spatialization.

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Chrysopée Electronique-Bourges

Ferreyra is that rare composer whose output can be genuinely described as protean. This can be most convincingly heard on the Chrysopée Electronique-Bourges cd, also called “the green album.” Two pieces are from the seventies (1972 and 74); three are from the eighties (1985, 86, and 87), and they couldn’t be more different from each […]

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Le chemin du vent des glaces

Written for a four cd collection of pieces inspired by the seasons (Les Saisons–LCD 2781126-27-28-29), Le chemin du vent des glaces is one of two pieces by Ferreyra on this set, Siesta Blanca being the other. Le chemin du vent des glaces covers a lot of ground in its only eleven minutes of rich and […]

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Demeures aquatiques

The date for Demeures aquatiques which makes it early (earliest?) in Ferreyra’s career. It does not promise great things to come, as many composers early pieces do. It is simply a great thing that’s already here. The shifting from channel to channel, so easy to be gimmicky, is so adroit and so musical in this […]

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Le Riviere des Oiseaux

La Riviere des Oiseaux is the album name and the name of the first three pieces, Rio de los Pajaros, Rio de los Pajoros Escondidos, and Rio de los Pajaros Azules. Rio de los Pajaros builds from a single “call,” repeated several times at the beginning and recurring throughout in many guises, into a piece […]

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Beatriz Ferreyra

“The only thing I could do, was music.” Beatriz Ferreyra is best known as an electroacoustic composer, who studied with both Nadia Boulanger and Earle Brown, among others, and who worked for much of the 1960’s at Pierre Schaeffer’s GRM in Paris. But when I met her in Bourges at the 2006 IMEB festival, we […]

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